Whether you’re a novice triathlete or experienced Ironman, we develop a customized training plan that works for you. This consists of an initial goal setting discussion, personalized training outlined on a weekly basis, an online platform for uploading your workouts, and real-time coaching from start to finish. At the conclusion of each week, we review your training log and make any modifications based on what is (or isn’t) working for you.

Real-Time Sessions

We begin the conversation by having a baseline and goal setting session to learn more about your health history and personal goals. Afterward, we follow up on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to lend an ear, keep the dialogue going, and provide motivation for the duration of your plan.

Training Analysis

As triathlon training is the focus of your program, you’ll be able to upload individual runs, rides, or swims from your Garmin (or similar device) to an online platform. We then review them at the end of each week and make the appropriate adjustments to your workouts.

Technology Partners

There are some great apps, websites, and gadgets in the world of wellness, but only so much time in the day to go through it all. Whichever tools you prefer - and some of our favorites include WorkoutLog, Strava, and MyFitnessPal - we help you understand the data and monitor your progress.

Community Events

We’re not looking for likes on a page - we aim to build a community. To complement your personalized coaching, come travel to Nicaragua for a healthy living retreat, be a part of the racing team, or join us for yoga. We want you to be present for fun and meaningful experiences.

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