Personal Fitness

Tom, Corporate Transactional Attorney, New York

"Johno made hitting the gym easy because he had a well thought out plan for each workout. His combination of energy, enthusiasm and respectfulness made him an extremely effective motivator, especially during tough sets when I was really pushing myself. Over my first 3 months working out with Johno, my body composition changed dramatically - I gained a lot of muscle and also got rid of my love handles. Given the passion he puts into everything he does (and the passion he demonstrates for physical fitness), I strongly believe Johno to be an effective trainer/motivator/adviser for anyone looking for a customized physical fitness program."

Shivali, Management Consultant, Chicago

"I had begun a new consulting project, which meant weekly flights from Chicago to the East Coast and back, unhealthy client dinners, and the constant grind. While giving up on fitness would have been an easy out, having Johno in my corner really helped. We fit workouts in early in the morning or late in the evening, and I always looked forward to the actual sessions because I knew I’d be working toward my desired results while also having fun. Despite my professional commitments and tough daily routine, I was able to stay as fit as I would have in a less demanding profession. I have faith in Johno’s passion and ability to make an impact on anyone’s health."


Sarah, Management Consultant, San Francisco

"I ran my first half marathon with Johno as my coach. Even with my crazy work hours, signing up for the race only 10 weeks in advance, and the fact I had never run more than 3 miles before, Johno’s guidance, teaching and motivation helped me through it. He gave me lessons on helpful stretches, proper running technique, nutrition, and pre- and post-workout activities. He was always available via phone or email when I had questions, or even when all I needed was an extra push. We used workoutlog.com to outline my weekly plan and track my progress, which was very easy to use even for a novice like myself. I liked that my instructions were right next to where I needed to log my information and that the application would email me with the next day’s workout schedule. Thanks Johno for giving me the confidence and inspiring me to do something I never thought I would ever be able to do!"

Blake, Litigation Attorney, New York

"I would consider myself a highly motivated person, and that aspect of my personality shows most clearly in my athletic training. What I really needed, and what Johno helped me achieve, was to find that sweet spot where my drive and determination met practical know-how and implementation. Johno's technical insight into the finer points of endurance sports training helped me reach new levels that I couldn't have achieved by just going out and pushing my hardest. I'm not just training hard when I'm with Johno, I'm also training smart. His amazing enthusiasm for different sports also rubbed off on me. While I was just a runner before, I'm looking forward to trying out my first triathlon next year with Johno's help.


Cody, Certified Public Accountant, New York

"Training with Johno for my first Ironman triathlon was like training with a second wind at all times. He's the guy that is still smiling at mile 24 on the run, and his positive attitude and charisma is contagious. I don't know from where he gets his superhuman energy and strength, but I do know that he shares it freely and I am so glad that he does! I always look forward to our next workout or race!"

Albert, Investment Analyst, New York

"While training for my first Olympic triathlon, I felt that Johno’s support helped me gain that extra edge I needed. Not only did I beat my time goal, but I felt really good after the race. His nutritional advice helped me finish much stronger than I had in practice tris, and I continue to heed his advice for training and race day strategy."