Our Approach


New Limits was launched on the belief that the mind and body can achieve extraordinary things — even surprise itself — when empowered with the right tools and motivation.

My passion is to leverage all that I’ve learned through Ironman training, nutrition and fitness certification programs, and even my own struggles in overcoming illness and challenging work-life balance, to equip others with what they need to improve their own lives. I’ve brought together a team of health and wellness experts that share in my passion, and together, we’re committed to helping our members reach their full potential and push themselves to new limits!


Our coaching and training programs focus on you and your uniqueness as an individual – whether you’re a Cubicle Jockey, Athlete, or Bench Warmer (or even a mix of the 3), we’re here to help.

Cubicle Jockeys


Life gets in the way, and we understand that there are always demands on your time and energy, but we can help you achieve your goals:
  • Improve nutrition
  • Find energy and time in the day for exercise
  • Run your first 5K or beyond



Whether you’re Clark Kent or Superman — or want to transform into Superman, we know what it takes to get you to the next level:
  • Build endurance and strength
  • Run a marathon (or set a new PR!)
  • Become an Ironman

Bench Warmers


For whatever reason, you’ve been out of the game and fear that the glory days are behind you. We can help you get your groove back:
  • Rediscover healthy habits
  • Improve your physique
  • Look and feel younger

Free Consultation

During this 15-minute consultation, we’ll discuss your goals and decide how to put together a plan that works, and you can determine if you feel comfortable working with us.


Free Consultation

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